The hotel I want is sold out. Can I get on a wait list in case someone cancels?

If you are unable to find the hotel or room type you’re looking for, you can join a wait list. The wait list relies entirely on cancelations and does not guarantee a reservation. Most requests are not fulfilled until mid-to-late February because attendees tend to cancel unneeded nights, or entire reservations, just ahead of their cancelation deadlines. If you need to secure a reservation before February, the wait list may not be the best option for you.


Wait List Policies:

  • You may not get on the wait list if you have an existing reservation with SXSW Housing.
  • You must provide a valid credit card number to guarantee your wait list request.
  • It is your responsibility to cancel your wait list request if you no longer need it.

We strive to accommodate all wait list requests all the way up to your arrival date. Should a room become available for you, SXSW Housing & Travel immediately books your reservation and sends a confirmation email. If we accommodate your wait list request within 28 days of arrival, you will have 24 hours to cancel the reservation without incurring the $50 cancelation penalty.

If we accommodate your wait list request within the hotel’s cancelation period (usually 7-30 days) you may be responsible for any hotel cancelation fees, if we book a room you no longer need. To cancel your wait list request, use the link to make changes located at the bottom of your wait list confirmation email, or from your shopping cart or SXsocial account.

To get on the Hotel Wait List:

  1. Once you’re registered follow the steps to book a hotel through our online reservation system
  2. Select your check in and check out dates and choose “Join Wait List” instead of “Find a Room.” Properties with a wait list are listed below currently available hotels. The wait list is limited and we close it when we believe there are more people on it than we are able to accommodate.
  3. Follow the simple steps to choose your desired room type and follow the steps to complete your wait list request.
  4. Be sure to include any additional information about your hotel preferences in the special requests field. This helps us best accommodate your request should a room become available.
  5. Your credit card is required to complete your transaction and guarantee your request. Nothing is charged unless we are able to accommodate your wait list request. Be sure to read our Reservation Policies for details about paying for your hotel reservation. You can update your credit card information at any time.
  6. You are not penalized for canceling a wait list request. The card on file is not charged anything if we are unable to accommodate your wait list request.

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