I'm registered, how do I book my hotel?

SXSW Housing & Travel reserves the best selection of Austin hotels at the best available rates during SXSW. Rooms at these special rates sell out quickly so book early to access our low rates and widest selection of hotel.

To access SXSW hotel rates you must be registered. Once you're registered, book your reservation from the SXSW shopping cart used to purchase your registration, or from your linked SXSW Social account. 

*Note: If you've been selected as an official SXSW speaker and have signed your speaker agreement, you can only book through your SXSW Social account once you receive your registration confirmation email. 

How to book from your SXSW shopping cart 

  1. Sign in to the same shopping cart used to purchase your registration
  2. Use the "SXSW" drop-down at the top of the screen to choose “SXSW Hotels.”
  3. Select “Request Hotel” for each registration that requires accommodations.  
  4. Enter your dates and follow the steps on the page to complete your hotel request.
  5. Follow steps 1-3 for each hotel reservation you need to make.

If you need to change information once you’ve entered your dates, do not use the back button on your browser — make sure to use the navigation buttons on the page itself.   


How to book from your SXSW Social account: 

*Note: If you're a registered speaker this is the only way to make your hotel reservation. 

  1. Your SXSW Social registration email contains a unique link to associate your current registration with your SXSW Social account.
  2. Once your registration is associated with your SXSW Social account, click “Hotel Request.”
  3. Click “Book Your Reservation Now”
  4. Enter your dates and follow the steps on the page to complete your hotel request.  

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