How do I change, cancel, or move my reservation to another hotel?

Changes and cancellations can be made online through SXSW Housing. The link to make changes can be found in:

  1. Your reservation confirmation email.
  2. Your SXSW Social Account.
  3. The Shopping Cart account you used to purchase your registration. 

The best way to make changes to your reservation is online, but if you’re having difficulty, just reply to your reservation email or contact us directly at with the full name on the reservation and details of the change you wish to make.

If you would like to switch hotels, do not cancel your current reservation. Check current availability for your dates and then email to let them know which available hotel you'd like to switch to.  

Types of changes:

  • New check-in or check-out date
  • Adding the name of your room share
  • Canceling your reservation
  • Updating your credit card 

Please note: The date of your written or online request to cancel or reduce dates determines if any penalties or fees will be incurred. If you are making changes within 72 hours of your check-in, you must also call the hotel directly.

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