What is the difference between the SXSW Housing cancellation/change penalty and the hotel cancellation penalty?

  • SXSW Housing Cancellation Policy & Penalty: All reservations can be canceled without penalty if done prior to 28 days of arrival listed on reservation.
  • Hotel Cancellation Policies and Penalties: Depending on which hotel you booked, reservations canceled within 72 hours to 14 days of arrival, or if a guest is a “no-show” on the check-in date, the hotel will also charge a penalty (usually equal to 1-2 nights room & tax) to the card on the reservation. Be sure to carefully review your reservation confirmation for your hotel’s complete policy.

The cancellation deadlines for your specific reservation are shown at the top of your confirmation email.

The full Reservation Agreement (including cancellation policy, potential deposit and early departure penalty) can be found at the bottom of your confirmation email or on our Hotel Availability Page under “See Amenities.” Be sure you read our Reservation Policies carefully before booking.

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