As an International Artist, how do I obtain a Support Letter and/or Entry Letter from SXSW?

Support Letters are provided to all International Artists. It is extremely important that you travel to the U.S. with your Support Letter, and if you are entering on a B Visa or ESTA/Visa Waiver Program, your Entry Letter on your person, not stored in checked luggage. Please read the following carefully to determine which documents you will need, and how to find them:

Support Letters: The Support Letter is an official document from SXSW demonstrating that the Artist identified in the letter was accepted to showcase at the SXSW Music Festival. The Support Letter may be used by Artists seeking to obtain a visa or to apply for support from their local government or export agencies.

Entry Letter: The Entry Letter is an official document from SXSW meant to be shown to CBP upon entering the U.S. with either a B Visa or under VWP/ESTA. The Entry Letter provides context regarding SXSW and might reduce potential issues at the U.S. port of entry.

To generate Entry and Support Letters: Upon confirmation of invitation to showcase and receiving access to Artist Admin, within the Members section, each attending member and crew should be listed with all required fields (marked *) completed. Please choose your intended visa type. You can edit this information at a later date if you secure a different visa type. Once completed, a link will generate where you can access the Entry and Support Letters for each person. Click the link next to each listed member to view, download and print. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing Artist Admin, please contact If you believe you require a more specific Support Letter than what is provided, or are experiencing further complications in the visa process, please email, with the Subject Line: Visa Support Letter for [ARTIST NAME].

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