I have a product or service I think SXSW audiences need to hear about. Can I propose a session to promote it?

Blatantly advertorial content does not tend to do well in PanelPicker. SXSW audiences prefer compelling and balanced content that highlights many solutions to a particular issue. They have no interest in sales pitches disguised as information.

This is not to say that audiences do not look to SXSW for the latest new media products and services — if your intention is to introduce your innovative product or service to the SXSW audience, contact our sales representatives for information on the many opportunities we offer to companies looking to make an impact on SXSW audiences.

For SXSW Marketing opportunities, please contact sales@sxsw.com.

For SXSW EDU Marketing opportunities, please contact sales@sxswedu.com.

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