Can I talk about fundraising in my presentation?

Participating companies should not mention anything about their fundraising activities and plans in their presentations and presentation materials. Examples include: whether the company is fundraising, how much a company has raised, financial projections, and terms of offering. Please reserve all conversations about fundraising to private one-on-one meetings with known accredited investors.

Under the JOBS Act regarding general solicitation, SXSW requires that participating companies rely upon SEC Rule 506(b) (i.e., not use the event’s general solicitation to offer or sell securities). SXSW strongly encourages you to become familiar with the rules under the JOBS Act and to consult experienced legal counsel about applicable securities regulations. By participating in SXSW Pitch, you agree that SXSW does not give investment legal advice and that you are responsible for ensuring your compliance with applicable securities laws.

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