EPISODIC: What is the SXSW premiere and eligibility for web series, independent pilots, series work for tv or streaming?

These are the Episodic eligibility requirements for SXSW:

Eligible: To submit to SXSW for a slot in our Episodic Screening Section work must be a World Premiere / Series Premiere of first season content (including the pilot) only.

Ineligible: If your episodic work is not a World Premiere/Series Premiere you cannot screen in the Episodic screening section BUT your work can still be a part of SXSW. You are welcome to submit a single episode of your series that does not exceed 40 minutes in duration to SXSW as a short film via our Short Film Application.

You can also take part in the SXSW Conference as part of the Experiential Storytelling track. Experiential Storytelling is not a screening, but a panel where you can also show episodes of your web series. Please apply via PanelPicker. If the deadline for submission via the 2018 PanelPicker has passed, you can write to sessions@sxsw.com for access.

If you have any questions and/or can't figure out where your project might fit please email us at filmfest@sxsw.com.

If you'd like to submit your Episodic work to SXSW, click here.

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