If selected as a finalist, how will my pitch be considered?

Each finalist will have a set amount of time to present their project or initiative. The live panel of judges will then have time to ask each finalist clarifying questions.

After each finalist has presented, the panel of judges will recess and evaluate each finalist using the following criteria:

  • Creativity & Innovation: How original and groundbreaking is this solution? 
  • Project Clarity: Is the problem that the project is addressing clear? Does the project or initiative offer a clear solution to the problem? How established is the project or initiative? 
  • Potential for Impact: Does the project have a proven record of impact? What is the project’s potential for solving or mitigating the impact of social, economic, or environmental issues?
  • Potential for Growth: Can the solution, project, or initiative be brought to another community? Can this idea grow or impact more people with additional resources? 

Team Perspective: What unique perspective does the leadership team bring to the project? How does their unique perspective and skillset contribute to the success of the project or initiative?

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