Texas Drinking Laws

  • You must be 21-years-old to legally drink in the state of Texas. This is also the age requirement for many drinking establishments in Austin.
  • Liquor can only be bought from specific liquor stores. Grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, etc. DO NOT sell liquor, only beer and wine. Liquor stores are open Monday-Saturday from 10am-9pm; note: all liquor stores are closed on Sunday.
  • Stores cannot sell alcohol on Sundays unless under 17 ABV. Beer and wine can be purchased in stores between 12pm and 12am. Most Austin drinking establishments (bars, restaurants, venues, clubs, etc.) can serve all types of alcohol between 12pm-2am on Sundays; alcohol may be purchased from drinking establishments in conjunction with food starting at 10am on Sundays.
  • You cannot buy alcohol after 2am at drinking establishments including venues, bars, and clubs.
  • Consumption of alcohol outside of drinking establishments (for example, in the middle of 6th St.) is prohibited.

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