SXSW Gaming Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to SXSW Gaming!

SXSW Gaming is an open, inclusive and respectful community, and we hope you will join us in upholding these values. To make sure that channels like Discord and Twitch chat remain positive and enjoyable, we ask that you follow our house rules in these channels.

The following behaviors and/or activities are not permitted on SXSW Gaming channels and may result in moderator action:

  • Offensive or Disruptive Behavior

Trolling, spamming, harassment and behavior that attacks individuals or people — particularly based on race, religion, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender or other identifier — with the real or implied intent to bully or offend any person (present or not) is not tolerated. Sexually explicit language is not permitted. If you are asked to modify your conduct, please do so graciously.

  • Self-Promotion, Selling or Trading Products or Services

Please do not promote external content — including, but not limited to, streaming media, goods or services — in SXSW Gaming channels. This includes language requesting follows, views, or redirecting viewers to external channels. Promotion of and recruitment to other channels, streaming communities, etc. is not permitted without prior agreement with SXSW Gaming staff. Selling, trading, begging or promoting products or services is not permitted, including game codes or keys, in-game content, boosting, hacking and piracy. 

  • NSFW Content

Content — text, images, audio, video or any other medium — that is sexually explicit, contains violence/gore or is otherwise profane or disturbing is not permitted in SXSW channels. Discussion of sexual exploitation is prohibited, and evidence of sexual exploitation will be reported to the relevant authorities and platform administrators.

  • Bots

The use of bots, scripts and similar automation tools without prior permission is strictly prohibited in SXSW channels.

  • Ban Evasion or Impersonation

Acts intended to circumvent a community, channel, or site timeout and/or ban through alternate accounts, impersonation, or utilizing another user’s credentials or account access are prohibited and will be reported to the host platform.

  • Sharing Private Information (Doxxing)

The act of sharing another individual’s private personal information (including their name, location, place of residence, personal contact information, place of employment, or other details which could potentially be used to harm or pose a security threat to the individual) is not permitted. Posts that invade another user’s privacy will not be tolerated, including screen captures of direct messages. In the event that private messages need to be shared for reporting purposes, please message a moderator or staff member.

  • Self-Destructive Behavior

Messages about self-harm or personal injury will be taken seriously. If you need help, please seek immediate assistance from a licensed medical professional. Moderators will report self-destructive behavior to the relevant platform.

  • Moderation Actions and Moderator Discretion

Moderators and staff maintain our channels in order to protect the integrity of our community and create a space to share and celebrate our love of gaming with one another. In the event of disruptive, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate behavior being reported, moderators will take action using their best judgement and in good faith, using this Code of Conduct and their discretion as a guide.  

Actions available to moderators include verbal warnings, message deletion, temporary timeouts and server bans. Contesting admin or moderator actions in chat is not permitted. If you feel a moderator or staff member has acted unfairly, please submit your comments to our Review Form, where an administrator will examine logs and actions taken.

SXSW Gaming follows all Twitch and Discord Terms of Service. These Terms of Service can be referenced here:

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