If selected to present at the Student Startup Competition, how will finalist pitches and presentations be considered?

Each finalist will have a set amount of time to present their business idea. The live panel of judges will then have time to ask each finalist clarifying questions.

After each finalist has presented, the panel of judges will recess and evaluate each finalist using the following rubric:

  • Creativity and Innovation: How original and groundbreaking is this idea? 
  • Product Clarity: How established is the current state of development of the product? Is there a specific problem or need the startup is addressing and intended for?
  • Market Potential: Who are the target customers, end users, or beneficiaries?  How accessible and effective is this product for its intended users? 
  • Competitive Landscape: How saturated is the product’s market? Is there strong evidence that this startup has a clear advantage from other competitors?
  • Operational Sustainability: Does the startup have a clear projection of revenue, profit and cash flow? How viable are these projections and is there strong evidence backing this up?


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