What is the difference between an All Conference Volunteer and a Music Venue Volunteer?

ASXSW All Conference Volunteers may participate on up to two crews, which operate during SXSW EDU (March 4-7) and throughout all 10 days of SXSWeek (March 8-17). All-Conference Crews make up the majority of the volunteer crews that operate throughout the event and most require no special experience.  Some All Conference Crews may require that you work your entire schedule with their crew. All-Conference Volunteers can accumulate hours to earn a Volunteer EDU, Interactive, Film, Music, or Platinum Badge.

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SXSW Music Venue Volunteers are around every corner of the SXSW Music Festival. Volunteers who choose to be a SXSW Music Venue Volunteer will volunteer on ONE crew. Volunteers will assist in official music venues, with the movement of music gear, or provide relief to SXSW Music Venue Crews in need.  They volunteer a minimum number of hours to earn either a Volunteer Music or Platinum Badge. Music Venue Volunteers are not eligible for the Volunteer EDU, Interactive, or Film Badges.

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