What are the different types of volunteer?

All-Conference Crew (AC):

All-Conference Volunteers may schedule hours on up to two crews. With more than 30 crews to choose from, this crew type allows for the most flexible option to build a volunteer schedule. All-Conference Volunteers are engaged at all hours around the Austin Convention Center and other official SXSW venues throughout SXSW EDU and SXSW. Volunteers with an All-Conference schedule are eligible for a  SXSW EDU Badge or a Volunteer Interactive, Film, Music, or Platinum* Badge. Crew trainings are either online or in-person. Check crew descriptions for more details.

All-Conference Crew Exclusive (ACE)

All-Conference Exclusive Crews operate just like All-Conference Crews, but ask that volunteers schedule all their hours with one crew.  All-Conference Exclusive Crews offer enough hours to build an entire schedule to earn your desired badge.

Music Venue Crew (MV)

Music Venue Crews only operate during the SXSW Music Festival, so the time requirement needed to earn a badge is lower. Volunteers will schedule their hours on one crew. Volunteers with a Music Venue schedule are eligible for a SXSW Volunteer Music or Platinum* Badge.

For more details, visit the crew descriptions page.

*Platinum Badges are reserved for returning volunteers. A Platinum Nomination must be on file for returning volunteers earning a Volunteer Platinum Badge for the first time. Email volunteer@sxsw.com for more information.

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