What are the SXSW Volunteer Calls?

The 2019 SXSW Volunteer Calls will be held at the Austin Convention Center (500 E Caesar Chavez) on January 27, February 10, & February 23, 2019 between 3PM and 5PM. The volunteer calls are an event for local volunteers to attend, and not an actual phone call. You only need to attend one volunteer call.

During the call, you will check in, watch a brief introductory video, and select your crews.

All-Conference Volunteers may sign-up on up to TWO All Conference Crews, and will typically start building their schedule at the call. Some All Conference Crews may require that you fulfill your entire schedule with their crew. Music Venue Volunteers will have an opportunity to talk with the SXSW Staff and Crew Managers, and sign up for ONE crew.

All new, local volunteers wishing to volunteer for SXSW EDU or SXSW must attend a volunteer call in order to complete the sign up process. If you are unable to attend one of the calls, or if the volunteer calls have already passed, contact a SXSW Event Staffing & Resources Staff Member for more information.

NOTE: Many crews will fill up very quickly. We encourage you to attend the first volunteer call on Sunday, January 27 to have a wider selection of crews and schedule.


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