The hotel I want requires a minimum stay. Is there any way around it?

Most downtown hotels we work with require a minimum stay of 3 to 5 nights. This is a contractual agreement with the hotel and we are unable to waive this requirement. If you only need to stay one or two nights, be sure to carefully review the hotel's Reservation Agreement for minimum stay requirements. 

If you've already booked, the Reservation Agreement is available at the bottom of your reservation confirmation.

Check to see if a hotel requires a minimum stay before you book from the Hotel Availability page by clicking See All Details or See Rates & Amenities. Minimum stay requirements are also available for review before booking your reservation.  

Early Departures
Some hotels charge a penalty for checking-out before your scheduled departure date after check-in. Avoid penalties by changing your checkout date 24 hours before checking into your hotel. If your hotel requires a minimum stay, you will be responsible for all nights required per your reservation agreement. The early check-out fee will apply after you’ve completed 3 nights of your stay.


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