What volunteer trainings do I need to attend?

Music Venue Volunteers are required to attend one in-person walk-through (date and time TBD) and one online training assessment. The in person walk-through of the volunteer's assigned venue will be scheduled with the venue stage manager and assistant production manager. Music Venue Volunteers will not receive hours toward their perk for attending the walk-through, however both the walk-through and online training are mandatory and failure to attend could result in loss of volunteer assignment. Music Venue Volunteers will also view and complete the online training video and quiz that all volunteers receive. 

OOT Volunteers are not required to attend in-person walk-through, but must complete the online training video and quiz to be eligible to volunteer.

Volunteers will be provided an online SXSW Volunteer Survival Guide, which will contain helpful information to get volunteers through SXSWeek, as well as descriptions of crews and their responsibilities. Hard copies of the guide will be available at Volunteer Central for those volunteers wishing to pick one up.


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