What is the SXSW Mentor Program?

Mentor Sessions were a new addition for the 2012 event and allow SXSW registrants to sign up with a well-established industry professional for a short one-on-one meeting to discuss career-related advice. These Mentor Sessions are extremely important because they will help formalize many of the networking processes that have happened organically at SXSW in the past.


This is the first year SXSW EDU is hosting a Mentor Program to serve as a platform to facilitate 10-minute, one-on-one meetings between an experienced professional and a novice attendee interested in learning more about a particular area of interest. Serendipitous interactions between individuals can make all the difference in the spark of a new idea, decisions or path. This program seeks to support and promote these meaningful collisions further with a lineup of 50 mentors.

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