What session FORMATS are accepted by SXSW?

SXSW offers many different types of session formats. Below are the formats you can choose from in the PanelPicker system.


Book Reading (One hour)
Reading from recently published authors. One or two speakers -- i.e., author and co-author.

Dual (One Hour)
A prepared presentation, interview or conversation. Two speakers.

Meet Up (One Hour)
Networking event of like-minded attendees around a particular topic. One or two hosts.

Mentor Session (One Hour)
One-on-one session with an industry expert. Each mentor councils one individual attendee for seven minutes. Can meet up to six mentees.

Panel (One Hour)
Diverse discussion around a particular topic. Four speakers max (INCLUDING moderator). Please note moderators are included in this four person limit.

Podcast (One Hour)
Established episodic audio series around a given theme. Four speakers / hosts max.

Solo (One Hour)
Prepared presentation. One speaker.

Workshop (Length Varies)
In-depth instructional program covering a particular topic / skill / discipline. One to two speakers. Two or four hours total time, dependent on the topic at hand.


Campfire (1 hour, 1-2 speakers)
A speaker-led, open conversation that focuses on driving a dialogue with attendees around a particular topic rather than offering a structured presentation.

Case Study (1 hour, 1-3 speakers)
A focused presentation highlighting research findings from relevant initiatives and projects, followed by audience Q&A.

Debate (1 hour, 3 speakers)
A constructive, moderated debate between opposing viewpoints on an impactful topic, followed by audience Q&A.

Future20 (20 mins, 1 speaker)
A short solo presentation highlighting new and emerging ideas. Optional audience Q&A.

Hands On (30 mins, 1-2 speakers)
An informal, activity-based session that facilitates interactive and creative learning techniques.

Meet Up (1 hour, 1-2 speakers)
A networking event that encourages communities to connect at SXSW EDU around similar topics, passions or interests.

Panel (1 hour, 2-4 speakers)
A diverse and dynamic exploration of a particular topic, followed by audience Q&A.

Talk (30 mins, 1-3 speakers)
A focused, high-energy presentation centered on breakthroughs and insights, followed by audience Q&A.

Workshop (2 hours, 1-3 speakers)
An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways.

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