What session FORMATS are accepted by SXSW?

SXSW offers many different types of session formats. Below are the formats you can choose from in the PanelPicker system:

Book Reading (One hour) 
Reading from recently published authors. One or two speakers -- i.e., author and co-author.
Dual (One Hour)
A prepared presentation, interview or conversation. Two speakers.
Meet Up (One Hour)
Networking event of like-minded attendees around a particular topic. One or two hosts.
Mentor Session (One Hour)
One-on-one session with an industry expert. Each mentor councils one individual attendee for seven minutes. Can meet up to six mentees.
Panel (One Hour) 
Diverse discussion around a particular topic. Four speaker max (INCLUDING moderator). Please note moderators are included in this four person limit.
Solo (One Hour) 
Prepared presentation. One speaker.
Workshop (Length Varies) 
In-depth instructional program covering a particular topic / skill / discipline. One to two speakers. Two or four hours total time, dependent on the topic at hand.
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