What are the entry categories for SXSW Pitch 2020?

To apply to SXSW Pitch, entrants must fit into one or more of the following categories:

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice
Technologies related to machine-simulated intelligence, consciousness, empathy, or speech. These technologies may also cover Internet of Things and smart devices, or a machine's ability to perform, anticipate, and streamline tasks without human assistance. These startups seek to address a wide variety of issues.

Augmented & Virtual Reality
Technologies using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), automation, and other novel visualization technologies, including applications for all Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality headsets and other emerging hardware and software technology. These startups may find applications in gaming, entertainment, data visualization, education, medical care, warfare, transportation, and more.

Technologies using digital ledgers, decentralized internet, and other distributed applications to structure and share data. These applications may address such uses as cryptocurrency, supply chain, energy, media, global trade, security, point-of-sale technologies, and numerous other industries.

Consumer Technology & CPG
Technologies that optimize the process, creation, sales, or distribution of tech-enabled retail and consumer products. Startups may include AR/VR, food, personal care, pet tech, personal electronics, makeup, clothing, bricks & mortar retail technologies, and other companies that use data, applications, and technology to innovate traditional categories.

Enterprise & Smart Data
Technologies that increase productivity for businesses and/or individuals by simplifying informational data through new workflows and analytics. These startups may have applications in data collection, management, analysis, presentation, interpretation, security, and augmentation across industries such as business, finance, advertising, and more.

Entertainment & Content
Technologies and applications that are reinventing the ways humans find enjoyment through areas such as leisure, education, and entertainment. Industries these technologies address may include gaming, music, film, television, video, arts, news and publishing, streaming, and digital storytelling, as well as novel and hybrid forms of entertainment.

Health, Wearable & Wellbeing
Technologies focused on human-centric applications that advance health and connect individuals with health systems and facilities, care teams, providers, insurance, corporate and personal wellness services, and public health & social services. These startups may also include applications in aging and geriatrics, general wellness, diagnosis, genetics, exercise, nutrition, sleep, sports, and wearable technologies.

Innovative World Technologies
This category is for any creative and innovative application, product, or service that does not fit in another SXSW Pitch category, as well as technologies that act as the backbone that new technologies or forms of communication are built on. Examples of technologies that might fit into this category include (but are not limited to) payments and financial technologies, food-related technologies, computer chip technology, energy, space, natural resources, and others.

Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics
Technologies that create and advance smart cities by providing services and products for local environments, which includes buildings, neighborhoods, communities, and public spaces. These innovations may find applications in real estate development, transportation, logistics, delivery, autonomous vehicles, ridesharing, infrastructure, utilities, public works, security, population data, government and civic services, and more.

Social & Culture
Technologies that explore and expand the boundaries of how humans experience life as individuals, as communities, and as global citizens. Examples of such sectors include but are not limited to social media and networking, dating and friendship, travel and hospitality, environment and climate change, home, and fashion. This category also covers social enterprise technologies that aim to solve social or societal problems, impact positive change, and improve the lives of individuals and groups.


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