How are entries judged?

Each category is narrowed down to five finalists by a panel of industry peers and experts. A second round of judging determines the winner in each category. Entries will be graded by the following criteria:

Creativity / Innovation: Is it unique and impactful?

(IE: Is it a new and never before seen project or product? Does it positively impact or inform its market and the connected world?)

Design: Is it made well?

(IE: How is the form of the project or product? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Ergonomic? Is it built well / robust?)

Function: Does it work well?

(IE: How is the function of the project or product? Does it excel at what it was made to do? Does it have practical utility or application? Does it operate on a sustainable platform? Is it useful? Helpful?)

Overall Experience: is it valuable / beneficial / worthwhile / meaningful enough for you to want to use it?

(IE: Does this project or product address specific needs and fulfill them? Is learning to use it easy & approachable? Is it meaningful or worthwhile? Is it engaging, exciting, or fun? Would you recommend it to others?)

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