What credentials do I need to access the trade show?

Set Up Stickers: for colleagues or contractors who need access to build/dismantle your booth. These are only valid during load in & load out - they do not grant access to the Trade Show once it's open.

Exhibitor Passes: for booth workers - these are not name-assigned so can be swapped amongst your team, but they must be worn visibly at all times when on or entering the Trade Show floor. These do not grant access to any SXSW activities, only the Trade Show. You do not need to provide us with the names of your booth workers at any time.

SXSW Registrant Badges: these are Conference Registrations and grant access to all SXSW activities (depending on the type). Exhibitors’ SXSW Badges will say ‘Exhibitor’ on them.

Trade Show Day Passes: Each exhibitor will receive two trade show day passes. These can be given to anyone you choose, eg a guest, a client, a colleague – but are only valid for the Trade Show during its open hours.

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