I've applied for a Music Festival showcase. How do I reserve hotel rooms for my act in case we're selected?


Should you or your artist be invited to perform an official showcase, you will have access to a protected block of rooms through SXSW Housing & Travel. While we hold a large number of rooms in Austin for our artists, availability is first come, first served. Because thousands of artists apply for showcases, the SXSW Housing Department cannot book hotel rooms for artists until they have been offered an official SXSW showcase. Your acceptance email will contain details on how to book hotels through your Artist Admin page. We recommend booking your hotel rooms as soon as you receive your acceptance. Making your hotel arrangements early will allow you the most hotel selections.

Once you’re given access to your Artist Admin page, you will be able to make your hotel reservations there. In the meantime, check out SXSW Housing & Travel for more information about our hotels, pricing, reservation policies, and travel information. If you'd like to book a room immediately, you can purchase a registration for SXSW 2023. Keep in mind that artists do not need to purchase a registration to be considered for an official showcase.  Please refer to the Showcasing Artist application article for information on submitting a showcase application).

For questions, email artisthousing@sxsw.com.

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