Is my profile visible to the public?

SXSW Social allows users to decide whether or not they would like to share their information with other SXSW registrants via SXSW Social and the SXSW GO mobile app.  

Note that your direct contact information will not be displayed in SXSW Social. Any contact info provided is for SXSW's internal use only.

There are two settings for privacy: Public and PrivateYou can change your privacy setting at any time by editing your profile on SXSW Social, or by selecting My Profile>Edit>Edit Settings and updating your preferences in SXSW GO.

Public: Making your profile public is the best way to network with other SXSW Registrants before and during the event.

SXSW Social users who choose to make their profiles public will:

  • Have their name, badge type, company, company url and title, city and state/country listed in the registrant directory for other SXSW Registrants to view
  • Be able to search for and star other users
  • Be able to chat with other SXSW Registrants in SXSW Social and SXSW GO
  • Be included in the SXSW Recommends program, which connects people with similar interests. Through this program, the name and profile pics uploaded by users will be shared with other SXSW Registrants with similar interests. Sharing occurs via email and SXSW GO and appears in the Favorited By list on the online schedule after favoriting an event

Private: Making your profile private will limit your ability to network with other SXSW Registrants through SXSW Social and the SXSW GO app.

SXSW Social users who choose to make their profiles private will not be listed in SXSW Social and will not be able to search for and/or contact other SXSW registrants.

Please see the SXSW privacy policy for more information.

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