When will I hear from SXSW after I submit my application?

You should expect three emails from SXSW after you successfully submit your application:

  • Your SXSW purchase receipt: You will receive a receipt for your application submission fee immediately following your purchase.
  • Film & TV Festival Submission Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email from SXSW within 48 hours of successfully completing your submission to SXSW through our online Film & TV Festival application. This email will confirm that your film has been submitted correctly and will including your SXSW Tracking Number. If you do not receive this letter within 48 hours, you should reach out to filmfest@sxsw.com to ensure your film has been submitted properly and is under consideration.
  • Film & TV Festival Decision: It takes months for us to complete the selection process. SXSW will send rolling notifications beginning in October, while continuing to program and make decisions deep into mid-January. All applicants will be informed of their status no later than Tuesday, February 14, 2023.


INSIDER TIP: No news is good news. If you haven't heard from us (outside of your submission confirmation emails), your film is still in the running. There's no need to contact us unless you still haven't heard from us at all by Tuesday, February 14, 2022. If you haven't heard anything by February 14th, please  check in with us after that date.


To keep important SXSW emails from landing in your spam folder it's a good idea to add the following address to your contact list: filmfest@sxsw.com.

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