My film won't be done in time for your submission deadline. Can I submit a rough cut? What about a trailer/screenplay/press kit?

Please send your film in the most complete and finished form possible. SXSW does accept work-in-progress cuts (picture lock with temp sound, color, etc.), but we will not accept subsequent cuts of more complete versions.

SXSW will only preview the first submitted cut.

As part of your application you will be asked to provide a list of the "Incomplete Elements," but it's also a good idea to include an opening slate listing what elements are still to be completed, such as color-correction, sound mix, special effects, etc. We will NOT view or consider anything sent separately or in lieu of a finished (or close to finished) film, including trailers, screenplays, press kits or letters.

If chosen for the festival, you will be required to supply a DCP exhibition copy of the final cut of your film.

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