If I’ve submitted to another festival(s), can I still submit to SXSW?


We encourage you to submit to all the festivals you think are the right fit for your film. But pay close attention to submission deadlines! For example, many of you will not have heard from other festivals (such as Sundance or Berlin) before our final submission deadline. If SXSW is a priority, you should also submit to SXSW on time, before our final deadline of Thursday, October 17, 2019.

If you are invited to SXSW, you will have the option of accepting or declining the invitation before we announce our lineup in early February 2020. Keep in mind too, that while World, North American and U.S. premieres are preferable, we do show films from other festivals. For example, we generally show about 14 films from the Sundance lineup and 10 films from Toronto.

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