How do I register a group for SXSW?

The best way to register a group for SXSW is from your SXSW shopping cart. After you have created and logged into your shopping cart, you can follow these steps to register a group.

  1. Choose the registration type you wish to purchase (i.e. Platinum Badge) and click “buy now.” 
  2. Fill out all the information for the individual receiving the registration. If one person is purchasing for the group enter the registrant’s email in the primary email field, and the coordinator’s email in the CC field. *Hint: See below if you do not yet know who is attending from your company. 
  3. Add networking events and merchandise to your cart if you'd like.
  4. Click save and continue. 
  5. Review the items in your cart. 
  6. Click continue shopping and follow steps 1-6 to add additional registrations to your cart. 

If you haven’t decided who will be attending the conference you can still purchase registrations using placeholder names. See placeholder FAQ for more detailed information.

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