What are my hotel payment options?

It is your responsibility to know your method of payment upon check-in. When you arrive at your hotel, you must provide them with a valid credit card to pay for the reservation and any incidentals charged to the room.

If you do not intend to travel with the credit card you plan to use to pay for the reservation, you must submit a credit card authorization form to the hotel before you arrive. This allows you to charge your reservation, tax and (if required) incidentals to a card that is not in your name (e.g. a company card that does not belong to the employee).

Individual hotel credit card authorization forms are available to download from our Reservation Policies page in mid-January. You aren’t able to submit the credit card authorization form to the hotel until your reservation confirmation number is assigned to you in late February.  

If you must pre-pay for the reservation, email housing@sxsw.com for details.


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