My film's play count on my link seems off? Was it watched by too many people or not at all?

Each online video player counts plays on their platform differently. Over the past few years we have discovered that play counts may not always be accurate.

Sometimes a play is recorded every time the content is started. That means if it’s been paused, rewound or reloaded the view count might grow. We’ve also discovered that many times plays acquired through native apps on AppleTV or other streaming devices often don’t count plays at all. It's important to note that each platform may not fully account for the nuances in viewer data.

We highly recommend that you check out the fine print regarding plays on your preferred viewer platform. Here are helpful resources from Vimeo that explains their analytics: Analytics FAQ and How accurate are the analytics coming from third-party devices like Apple TV and Roku?

Rest assured that we watch and fully consider every eligible film submitted to us within our submission deadline period.

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