Do I need to provide information for all performers and crew members in advance of SXSW?

Yes. It is very important to enter information for all performers and crew members prior to the SXSW Music Festival for a few reasons:

  • Having all performers and crew entered into Artist Admin will ensure a smooth check-in process when you arrive at SXSW and allow you to receive your Artist Wristbands or compensation for performing. Note that only domestic U.S. artists can receive monetary compensation instead of Artist Wristbands.
  • This information helps our production team — especially your stage manager — prepare for your arrival at the venue.
  • For international artists entering the United States: please ensure that SXSW has all information, including visa numbers, for everyone in your travel party. This can be helpful if you encounter any issues at the border. Please provide this information prior to departing for the United States.
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