The U.S. immigration information below in this International FAQ is not legal advice; rather, it is a summary of messaging provided to SXSW by the U.S. Government and other resources via the websites linked to in this FAQ. SXSW cannot provide you with specific visa advice because only you can decide how best to enter the U.S. based on your particular circumstances, and SXSW cannot be financially or legally responsible for that decision. 

To decide if you need a visa, and if you do, which visa is best for you and/or your band, SXSW recommends that you seek legal counsel. You can find a list of some of the lawyers who have worked with artists and speakers heading to previous SXSW events in the Additional Resources section of this FAQ. You are free to contact any lawyer you wish. Here is a link to Tamizdat, a non-profit that advocates for international exchange and has an updated list of public advisories.

PLEASE NOTE: Tamizdat also provides specific recommendations to SXSW showcasing artists traveling internationally for the event here.

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