What sort of speaker lineup makes for the best presentations?

The most interesting sessions are the ones where there are many different perspectives. When choosing speakers keep in mind these basic diversity principles.

The G-L-O-V-E principles are integral to decision-making in the PanelPicker and are visibly reflected during the March event where diversity is abundant.

To be clear, our commitment to diversity is a commitment to a smarter community – different kinds of people bring different ways of thinking to the table. Hearing these different ways of thinking help make everyone smarter.

Gender  – If more than three or more speakers are proposed, please ensure gender diversity. In other words, a panel of three or four speakers cannot be comprised of a single gender.

Location – Lots of amazingly talented professionals call New York, Texas and California home. But, there are scores of very qualified education experts in the US and around the world. Their voices also help contribute to the ongoing goal of diversity.

Opinion – If all the speakers on your panel proposal have the same opinion on the give topic, then the resulting conversation will likely be uninteresting. Whatever topic you are addressing, you are encouraged to include at least one person whose opinion differs sharply from yours.

Variety – The session selection process is very competitive so having a variety of new and interesting speakers is essential to having an effective presentation.

Ethnicity – Different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures take a different approach to different topics. And, different is usually a good thing.

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