I am an artist located outside of the USA. What do I need to know about showcasing?

SXSW showcased nearly 600 international acts last year. We strongly encourage international acts to apply as early as possible. Due to funding and visa requirements, we prioritize processing international band applications and invite acts as early as we can. International artists invited to showcase receive an ARTIST PACKAGE (see FAQ about compensation). Invited artists are required to cover all expenses and must secure the required visa based on their business agenda during their visit to the US. SXSW offers a support letter for visa and funding purposes and an International Housing Program (limited spaces available) via internationalhousing@sxsw.com.


Foreign artists entering the country through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), B visa or any non-work visa should be fully aware of and follow U.S. immigration laws. Please know that U.S. immigration authorities can enforce those laws if an artist violates any visa requirements, such as accepting and performing at any shows outside of what is permitted under your visa.

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