What is the role of the moderator?

In most cases, the moderator serves as the SXSW Eco representative in the room. Please welcome the audience to the session on our behalf.

The moderator is responsible for introducing the other speakers, keeping the speakers focused on the topic at hand and managing the dialogue so that all viewpoints are equally expressed. The moderator should also monitor the pace of the session to ensure all content is delivered in time for audience Q&A before the end of the session. Please allow at least 15 minutes for the Q&A at the end of the session.

  • Welcome the audience to the session and set the stage for the discussion with your opening remarks.

  • Introduce each speaker with a short bio that is punchy and provocative (70 words or less).

  • Following your introduction, each panelist will have under two minutes to make their key points for the discussion.

  • Your main objectives:

  • Encourage interaction amongst panelists

  • Give them time to follow up on each others’ points

  • Foster open, exploratory dialogue

  • Challenge speakers to deliver their best content

  • Alert the audience to the Q&A session 5  minutes in advance to give them time to prepare their questions.


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