What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

The most important thing to do for a good panel discussion is to communicate with your fellow speakers. The more you communicate about the focus of your session, the more likely the panel will be a success.

If there are multiple people on the session, the moderator and panelists should schedule a call with each other prior to the conference to discuss the session content, format and flow.


With the goal of creating a collaborative presentation that is compelling and inspirational the following elements should be considered. Keeping in mind it is important to keep the content consistent with the official session description and title.

  • What are the key points of this session?

  • What will each speaker contribute to the discussion?

  • What questions will the moderator put to the group for discussion?

  • Will there be visual elements?


All participants are required to arrive in the panelists’ green room, one hour in advance of their session to fine tune any last minute details and otherwise prepare for the panel. If your schedules permit, you may want to get together in Austin prior to meeting in the green room.

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